1. Initial Inspection

Before production starts, inspection will be carried out on the raw materials, parts and components, storage related to the product as per our client’s requirement, aim to discover potential quality problem as early as possible to eliminate reworking cost and to ensure on-time delivery.

2. Online Inspection

During mass production, online inspection could happen when 15% or defined quantity of the merchandise is completed. Our inspector will random check up the semi products or complete products to seek out possible defects and assist the factory as well as our client on finalizing solution proposal. Quality and shipment schedule is guaranteed.

Single online inspection and multiple online inspections are optional.

3. Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is to be performed as all the goods is finished and packed (at least 80% goods packed). Based on the international standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, product quantity, sizes, function, appearance, packaging and etc will be inspected to see whether product quality is consistent to client’s or PO’s specifications.

4. Sample Drawing

When request, sample drawing is available solely or together with inspection throughout the whole process of mass production. Our inspector  will select, seal and send out the sample to the destination or laboratory you assign.

5. Container Loading Supervision

This could be the last but not the least measure to assure product quality before shipment. Our professionals could get to the factory, warehouse or shipping port to final check production quality, quantity, packaging and inner & outer conditions of the container.